The past few months have been like skin hell for me. My skin has been breaking out all over the place, I have even been getting spots inside my eyebrows and on my ears and I have never had that before. I went into town a few weeks ago with my mum, on the hunt for products to sort out this problem skin and ended up in The Body Shop. I purchased a few goodies that have changed my skin and you really need to hear about this.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash – I have tried this wash before and it actually broke me out. This was many years ago and I am sure that they have now changed the formula. This wash is infused with tea tree oil and feels cooling on the skin when it lathers up. My skin always looks clean and healthy after using this wash. I have been using it every day for at least a month now and my pigmentation has dramatically reduced. If you are Vegan, this wash is suitable for you too which I think is a massive plus from The Body Shop.

Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask – So this was a bit of a new one for me, a mask that you apply and leave on overnight and you can use it everyday? I must say that I did not have high hopes for this, just because I thought it might actually break me out and that is the opposite to what I need right now. Anyway, I gave this mask a go one night, particularly when my skin was feeling congested and looking spotty. This face mask has genuinely changed my life. When I remember to apply this mask, my skin always looks clear the next morning and any spots I have reduce overnight. This mask in conjunction with the other two products is a dream and the trio works well for my skin type.

Tea Tree Oil – TTO is a massive staple and should be in everyones cupboard at home. I went through a phase where I was using this everyday and my skin was always so clear. I must have ran out of this and never chose to repurchase until now. I use this on any large blemishes or scars I have and leave it on overnight. In the morning my skin always looks healthy, and any spots are less red and don’t look as angry. I highly recommend this product, Body Shop, you are doing well!

Do you have a favourite Body Shop product?



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