I really have a love/hate relationship with Instagram especially as there as so many bloggers and accounts out there, differentiating yourself can be difficult. I cannot even remember the countless times I have deleted and uploaded my pictures again, changing the theme to fit my blog. From around Christmas 2016, I decided to spend the new year working on my blog and putting time and effort into it. My Instagram and Twitter followers were not increasing and I knew that I had to be proactive and do something about it.

In December 2016 I had around 100 followers on Instagram and just over 100 on Twitter. I now have 800 on Instagram and 1350 on Twitter – achieved in 5 months! In March I had 400 followers and now I have 800 which is double the increase. So what did I do to achieve this?


I take my pictures and then hate them and then end up taking them again. This is just because I want my photos to be of a high quality and really want them to look good. Sooooo many do not make it to my Instagram page and that is ok – Make them look good, or capture something interesting. I know my followers love my flatlays and building inspiration posts!


Now I do not mean posting every hour, but I know that I always get more followers on days that I post more than once. 3 times a day is the ideal for increasing your followers and getting noticed, but make sure these posts are of a good quality. I am usually busy with work during the week, and mostly post on the weekends. Therefore, I usually gain 10-15 followers on the days I post. If you can, I suggest posting once a day – You will definitely see results.


If you have 100 followers or less like I did, it is likely that not every single one of those 100 followers will see and like your post. To reach a wider audience you need to use hashtags that are relative to your niche. I use around 15-20 hashtags per Instagram post as well as tagging the relative brands. With 800 followers and zero hashtags, I would get around 20-30 likes. Using hashtags would get me up to 80-100 as well as gaining followers.


Not all your readers have to be other bloggers, and I am sure that they are not. If someone leaves you a comment, reply or at least like their comment. I know that I do not always have the time to reply to my comments, but I always try to like each one just to say that I have acknowledged it and I appreciate it.


I always follow 5 new bloggers a day and only if I genuinely like their posts. I like to find new bloggers through clicking on hashtags and liking posts. This is a great way to find new bloggers and inspiration for your own posts. Don’t be one of those bloggers who followers and unfollows, it’s unprofessional and annoying.

Do you have any tips for increasing your Instagram follower base?


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