I know it has been a little while since I have posted, however I have been really unlucky and ill for the past few weeks so have been slightly slacking on the posting side. As I am to change jobs in a few weeks, I will have more time to post and maybe get into making YouTube videos too! This aside, I thought I would share my views on becoming self-hosted and a little bit about how to to do it.


Before moving to WordPress, I had blogged on Blogger for around 3 years. I do not think that self-hosting even occurred to me when I was blogging during these three years and it was only recently that I thought I would look into becoming self-hosted. I saw a video on WordPress and fell in love with the platform itself. I personally loved the idea of having more creative control over my website instead of being restricted on Blogger. With Pipdig creating all these amazing themes, I think Blogger is great for Bloggers who love the platform or who are just starting out. It is easy to use, simple to set up and it is free. If your main focus is to blog, then Blogger is definitely worth starting out with.


I however, decided that I wanted my blog to look a certain way, as well as being able to advertise more on my blog, therefore I made the decision to move over to WordPress. Now if you are currently on Blogger and are thinking of moving over to WordPress, you can easily export your blog posts, photos and pages and import them when you have set up WordPress, therefore you lose nothing.


To become self-hosted, you need to set yourself up with a hosting company. I am with Tsohost, who are a UK based company and are relatively cheap. I pay £5 every month for my hosting account and that is all. The company offer many different hosting packages, so go and see which one suits you best. If you purchase a hosting account with Tsohost, you will be offered a free domain. I personally think this is such a good deal as you are getting a whole package. Once you have purchased your hosting account and your domain, you will receive an email with your log in details to a cloud platform. From this platform, WordPress can be downloaded.

I also purchased the Holly and Weave theme from Pipdig and absolutely love it. There are so many features and customisable options which for me is a massive bonus as I am always changing my mind. Once you have uploaded your theme and any blog posts from Blogger, you are ready to go. It is really a simple process and Tsohost are available until Midnight every day of the week. I have used their support service so many times, and their reply times are quick! I have never had any issues with the technical side of my blog and I know nothing about anything technical.

If you are interested in becoming self-hosted then Tsohost is a company that I would highly recommend. What are your thoughts on Blogger and WordPress?

Disclaimer  – Please note that I may receive some commission if you purchase a hosting account with Tsohost when any links are clicked. However all opinions in this post are 100% truthful and have accumulated from my own experiences.


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