Working all day and not winding down each evening can really affect your health and I noticed this when I was working from home for 5 weeks and working into the late evening. My eyes starting stinging when I woke up in the mornings and I was getting headaches daily. When I took an hour out of the evening for myself, my health dramatically improved. So what do I do to wind down in the evenings?

  1. Meditate – Before going to bed, my mind would be whirring with thoughts and ideas about my work and I just could not switch off. I have meditated before, especially when I had high anxiety and it really helps to switch of any thoughts; allowing you to get some proper rest. I personally use Headspace to aid my meditation but there are so many videos on YouTube you could also use. Headspace gives you 10 free days of meditation that you can just use over and over. I pay £10 a month and that gives me access to all of the audios on the app. There is one for every situation.
  2. Get in the outdoors – I love taking my dog for a walk in the evening, it really helps me to create some space between where I work and my thoughts. It also allows me to spend some time with my little dog and I also get my daily exercise in. Now I am not saying you need a dog to get in the outdoors, but go for a walk or a run, the fresh air will do you wonders.
  3. Get in the Bath – Going for a bath is perfect after you have been in the outdoors, especially if it is on a cold day. I really am willing the summer season away, I just love Autumn and Winter. I don’t always tend to have a bubble bath, but love the Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oils. They have a range of oils depending on what type of therapy you need. I have a little taster set from Christmas and use them a few times a week. Another amazing relaxer/sleep aid is sea salt. I purchased a massive box from Sainsbury’s for £2 and you can actually use sea salt in your bath to aid aching muscles, on your body and face as a scrub and also on any cuts and sores to heal – Just go careful on cuts as it will sting.
  4. The herbal teas – I know that not everyone is a fan of herbal teas, but I absolutely love them. I have all of the Pukka teas and use the night time one before bed in the evening. The scent from the tea instantly relaxes me and sometimes I have instantly fallen asleep after drinking this – granted I must have been knackered. If you are not a fan of camomile and lavender, mint tea is also great for aid digestion and relaxing the body. I like to alternate depending on what my body is doing!
  5. Get comfy – Having an inviting bedroom/cosy clothes really helps me to relax. I love my bedroom and my bed and love going to sleep. I actually look forward to the evenings when I wake up in the morning – I am not weird I promise! Making your bedroom look and feel comfy does not have to be expensive. IKEA, along with H&M Home is great for picking up cheap home essentials. I kitted out my whole room – Not including furniture for £50. I will do another post on what I purchased and how I styled my room.

I really hope you got some tips and idea for how to spend your evenings and what you can do to wind down and get to sleep easier. If you have any other tips for me, please leave me a comment.


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