Happy Thursday! If like me you are just waiting until the end of the week, then give yourself a pat on the back because you have nearly made it (For some anyway). Saying that, I have had the past two weeks off, the perks of working in a College, and so I have been paying attention to my fitness routine and actually getting on it. However now I am back to work, my fitness routine sort of gets thrown up in the air and it is really hard to get back into the swing of things. Having a workout buddy would be great, but I workout at home so it is just me, myself and I. I now know that I need to incorporate my fitness routine in my week and actually stick to working out, but what do I actually do?

So my plan was to get myself a gym membership and just get on with it. I actually had a trial day at my work gym and absolutely hated it, I just knew that the gym life wasn’t for me but I really wanted to workout. I decided to buy some smaller gym equipment and just workout at home. I envy those people that can go to the gym and come out still looking amazing. I on the other hand would come out as a sweaty mess, hair everywhere and not being able to walk, very attractive. At least I know that I have worked hard and yeah, going to the gym isn’t all about what you look like.

Anyway looks aside, when I workout I love starting with some cardio and on most days, I go for a run around my local park. I cannot get enough of the outdoors and running is one of my favourite things to do, the two combined equal perfection. My goal for cardio is to definitely run for longer at a constant pace. When I first started running I would do short bursts and would tire myself out constantly, however I have now got over this phase and can run for much longer. Maybe a marathon is on the cards?

Most of my home workouts involve a YouTube video and lots of work. I like to workout using weights and always have a mat handy just in case. My goal for my workouts will involve focusing more on my stomach area and trying to get those abs defined. Toning up my legs and bum would also be great, but we can’t have everything can we (I will be toned). My favourite videos to use when I’m working out are by Pop Sugar Fitness. The 30-minute Abs and Booty-Toning workout is amazing! They have a video for everything and the girls are really motivating, I love them!

What are your fitness goals?


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